The University of Washington Children's Center at Radford Court
How to Begin the Waitlist Process

Because of the outstanding reputation of all of the centers in the Haggard Nelson family, you may find that there is not currently a place for your child at Radford Court. We encourage you to follow these steps to be placed on our waiting list.

  1. Visit the University of Washington website and read about the child care programs available to students, staff and faculty. Download the waitlist application by clicking here.
  2. Complete a waitlist application and send it to the Haggard Nelson Administrative Office. A fee of $25.00 per family must accompany your application in order to be placed on the waitlist. Returning the waitlist application and fee to Haggard Nelson will put you on the master waitlist for all three University of Washington centers.
  3. As space becomes available, you will be contacted to schedule a tour with the director of the program. Please keep in mind the length of time your name is on the waitlist is dependent on the time of year and the age of your child.
Once you have been contacted by the site director and have toured the center, you will be asked to make a decision regarding enrollment. If you have any questions about the waitlist process, please contact the waitlist coordinator at 206-523-3936.